Judging | VEX Worlds 2023


Congratulations to your team for earning a spot at the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship, presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation! 

To be considered for judged awards, teams must follow the guidelines and processes described here.  Please continue reading, and follow the links provided, to ensure that your team is fully prepared for the judging process. 

All judging will be consistent with the general judging guidelines found in the REC Foundation Guide to Judging. Interviews will be conducted in spoken English. If your team will be in need of a interpreter, teams will have an opportunity to indicate this via a survey question when scheduling an interview using the RobotEvents initial team interview scheduler.

Judging at VEX Worlds Links:

Important Dates & Deadlines

Deadline for Teams Scheduling Interview: Teams have 6 days, which is exactly 144 hours, from timestamp of invitation to schedule an interview.

WeekDate of team’s Invitation to World ChampionshipTime frame for team to Schedule InterviewDEN Link Submission DeadlineJudging time frame
Week 1Prior to 2/14/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.2/20/20232/27/2023- 3/2/2023
Week 22/15/2023 - 2/21/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.2/27/20233/6/2023- 3/9/2023
Week 32/22/2023 - 2/28/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.3/6/20233/13/2023- 3/19/2023
Week 43/1/2023 - 3/7/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.3/13/20233/20/2023 - 3/26/2023
Week 53/8/2023 - 3/14/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.3/20/20233/27/2023 - 4/1/2023
Week 63/15/2023 - 3/21/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.3/27/20234/3/2023- 4/8/2023
Week 73/22/23 - 04/1/20236 days from timestamp (exactly 144 hours) of invitation.4/1/20234/3/2023- 4/8/2023

Contact Us

If you have questions after reading this entire document and all the linked documents, please reach out to your REC Foundation Regional Manager for assistance.

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