VEX Robotics World Championship | competition

Inspection Process


Robot Inspection is an integral part of competing at VEX Worlds. Teams will not be allowed entry to the Practice Fields or Skills Fields until they have completed inspection. Practice field officials will be checking to make sure that robots have been inspected before allowing admission to the fields.

Scheduled inspections are not available this year. VRC, VIQC, and VEX U inspections will all occur in the same inspection area located in Hall D, across from the Apparel Store.

Inspection Forms

Teams are encouraged to print, fill-out, and bring their official Inspection Sheet to the event to expedite the inspection process. Both coaches and students are required to complete and sign-off on the Inspection sheet. Find the inspection sheet for your program here:

Firmware and Team Numbers

Updated firmware and team numbers are required to access the practice and skills fields.

VRC and VEX U: Prior to inspection, VRC teams must ensure both their controller and robot are running the latest VEXos firmware (1.1.1 or later). Additionally, participants must set their team number on the robot brain

VIQC: Prior to inspection, VIQC teams must ensure both their controller and robot are running the latest VEXos firmware. 1st Generation brains must be updated to VEXos 2.2.0. 2nd Generation brains must be updated to 1.0.7.

Inspection Information

Once the Inspection Process is completed by students and coaches, proceed to the Inspection Area with your completed Inspection Sheet and robot. *Please note that if re-inspection is required, teams must return to the line to complete the process again.

At the Inspection area, teams will provide their completed inspection sheets and Inspectors will conduct an abbreviated review to verify robot size, number of motors, and firmware version. For Team use, there will be sizing tools located adjacent to the Inspection area.

Please review the following documents:

VRC/VEX U-Specific:


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