Sensor Fusion Map

Locate robots, objects, and goal on the map

Share information from robot to robot

Watch it all in real time via WiFi


Sensor fusion involves collecting data from multiple sources and combining it in a way to get a better picture of the surroundings.

How Sensor Fusion Map Works

Sensor fusion is used to make a map of the field and the objects on that field. This combines the location of the robot and the relative position of the objects it sees, allowing each object to be accurately located on the field. Objects outside the robot's field of view are stored and time stamped because as time goes by, there is a chance that that specific object is no longer where it was last seen.

How it Applies

The knowledge provided by Sensor Fusion is the critical first step to determining and executing autonomous robot operations. This wide array of information is also critical to coders who are trying to expand robot capabilities. All of this data is sent via WiFi to your device’s browser so you can watch it all remotely. The WiFI data can include an AI video feed with information overlays, the Sensor Fusion map, and any other information available to the V5 Brain.
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