VEX AI Competition

It’s time to level up your skills with the VEX AI Competition presented by the REC Foundation. The VEX AI Competition for high school and university-level students pushes the boundaries of robotics competitions.

How it Works

Each team brings two robots that they design and build to work as a team. Teams can 3D print and machine parts. Teams can use custom electronics, and there are no motor quantity limits. This game will be open to High School students and College students alike. Team registration will include the hardware needed for that year’s competition to run VEX AI, VEX GPS, VEX LINK, and Sensor Fusion Map. Please email with any questions.

Sensor Fusion Map

Locate robots, objects, and goal on the map

Share information from robot to robot

Watch it all in real time via WiFi

VEX AI Vision System

Explore Artificial Intelligence

Detect hundreds of objects simultaneously

Determine object type, location, and distance

Experience a LIVE view of augmented reality


VEX GPS Sensor

Install the Game Positioning System (GPS) on your robot

Apply the VEX Field Code to the field interior

Track X, Y Position and Heading on the field

VEX LINK Communications

Activate VEX LINK Communications

Communicate from Robot-to-Robot

Send messages and data between bots

Coordinate robot actions

It's time to Level Up your skills!

Mechanical Engineering

Design and program two robots that need to work together to complete the VEX challenge
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Electrical Engineering

Implement custom robot sensors and circuits
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Computer Science

Convert your driver skills, your offense and defense, and game strategy into code.
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