Inspiration All Stars

Stephen Sadler


B.A (Hons) in Industrial Design and Technology with Education, Loughborough University, UK. STEM Ambassador for The Royal Academy of Engineering Digital Design and Technology Teacher of the Year 2013. VEX Robotics UK Teacher of the Year 2013. VEX Robotics World Mentor of the Year 2013. VEX Robotics UK Tournament Champions 3 years running (undefeated).

My students' commitment to Robotics at East Barnet School is second to none. The EBS Robotics STEM Club has grown to become THE most popular club in the school. My students are dedicated, motivated, focused and extremely passionate. Thank you to VEX and all my students. Teaching robotics brings excitement to Technology in the classroom. ‘Learning is even MORE fun’. It’s an honour for me to receive Mentor of the Year 2013.
East Barnet High School
Team 5194 | East Barnet 1
East Barnet, UK
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