Inspiration All Stars

Miguel Santini


With only three months of experience as a VEX robotics professor in 2015, Miguel propelled Paraguayan students to new heights. Since then, he has fully immersed himself in the world of robotics as a coach, referee, judge, and spokesman.

Some of the most notable events Miguel participated in and organized have reached over 5,000 people, including the National Paraguayan Exhibition, the South American Olympics-ODESUR, a conference hosted by the Paraguayan Patent and Trademark Office, TV interviews, and the national job fair. In addition, he was honored by congress in 2022 for his achievements.

During such events, Miguel advocated for both educational robotics and investing in youth. He managed to take a piece of VEX everywhere he went in a way that impacted not only the adults around him, but also the kids. While he encouraged adults to start their own programs, he motivated children to pick up a controller and experience the world of robotics. To further awaken interest in STEM, he hosted tournaments with many interactive technological attractions. He also encouraged individuals to become robotics teachers and coaches, introducing many to different STEM processes, VEX tools, and the free certifications VEX provides.

Team 71832P
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