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What type of practice space is needed?

  • A standard engineering/robotics/shop classroom should be sufficient for preliminary build and testing (plenty of lab tables, power outlets, computers, etc).
  •  The absolute minimum space that would be recommended for basic indoor testing within a netted enclosure is roughly 12ft x 12ft x 8ft.
  • Outdoor flight is not recommended, and must still be done within a netted enclosure.
  • Although a realistic playing field is always helpful for practice, most teams do not find it necessary to build the full 15ft x 40ft x 15ft netted field.  Having enough space to simulate a “half field” (15ft x 20ft x 15ft) or focusing on individual field elements (ranging from less than 1ft x 1ft x 1ft to 4ft x 8ft x 8ft) should be sufficient for most teams.

Note: All dimensions above are listed as length-width-height, or X-Y-Z.

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