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One Bell AVR Drone Kit

  • 1x carbon fiber quadcopter frame¬†
  • 4x brushless motors (BLDC motors)
  • 1x 4-in-1 electronic speed control (ESC)
  • 1x Pixhawk 5X flight controller
  • 1x Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit
  • 1x Stereolabs ZED Mini camera
  • 2x additional cameras
  • 2x 14.8V 5200mAh 135 C batteries
  • 1x 100W AC/DC battery charger
  • 8x 10-inch props
  • 1x transmitter / receiver / telemetry radio
  • 1x peripheral control computer (Adafruit Feather M4 Express and Featherwing kit)
  • 4x peripheral servos
  • 2x game-specific peripheral sensors
  • 1x NeoPixel 8x LED stick
  • 1x NeoPixel 0.5m LED string
  • All necessary hardware (nuts, screws, etc) and wiring
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