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Is the registration payment due at the time of registration?

Generally, payment is required in order to ship the registration kit. However, we understand that school purchasing delays can happen, and we will do what we can to accommodate these situations case-by-case. We would still encourage you to go through the registration process on, choose "Pay Later”. However, this route includes the following caveats:

  1. Please be sure to inform your Bell AVR Regional Support Manager upon registering.
  2. There are a limited number of team seats available per region, due to kit and event size limitations. So, the best way to guarantee your spot will be to get payment in as soon as possible.
  3. Proof of payment pending will help with this process, such as PO request correspondence or an accounting contact within your purchasing department that we can follow up with directly.
  4. If you cannot guarantee payment at the time of registration, please contact your Bell AVR Regional Support Manager to request an exception.
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