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How do we order spare parts or replacement parts for items in our kit?

The process for ordering spare and replacement parts has changed for the 2023 season.  Teams will be responsible for purchasing spare or replacement commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts this season.  The REC Foundation will provide part information to assist with ordering COTS parts in the spreadsheet below.

➥ 2023 Bell AVR Part Information Spreadsheet

  • The part links provided are suggested places to purchase the parts, but RECF does not guarantee that these parts will be available.  
  • If the link provided no longer has inventory, your team should use the part information to seek alternative suppliers.
  • Teams should anticipate what parts they may need in advance, since some of these parts may have limited availability or long shipping times. 
  • It is unlikely that the REC Foundation will be able to provide last-minute part requests prior to events or bring extra parts to events due to limited inventory.  
  • Any part requests sent to will be referred to the spreadsheet link for teams to purchase the parts directly from suppliers or resellers.

Quad Standard Labs (QSL) is a drone parts reseller in the Austin, Texas area.  They are a great resource for purchasing parts if you like to bundle orders under one reseller, although they may not have all the parts included in the bill of materials.

If a part is a custom part (not COTS), review the notes section in the spreadsheet on suggestions for finding or making a replacement part.  A selection of the AVR Drone custom parts may be available from the REC Foundation for replacement for damaged parts. 

➥ AVR Drone Custom Part Replacement Request Form

This form is to be completed ONLY if a team has a damaged custom part they need to be replaced. Damaged parts will need to be sent back to the REC Foundation. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide extra custom parts for spares at this time.

  • Please ensure only one person from your team submits a custom part replacement request.
  • Multiple submissions for the same request may increase the response time.
  • REC Foundation has a limited quantity of custom parts. If no parts are in stock, teams may be given recommendations on alternatives to purchase or instructions on how to manufacture the parts in-house.
  • REC Foundation does not guarantee availability of custom parts. Teams should take special care not to damage custom parts.

Teams that have registered and paid for the current season that would like to purchase additional AVR Drone kits can submit a request using the form link below.  

Additional AVR Drone Kit Order Request Form

  • Quantities are limited and orders will be fulfilled based on a few factors including:
    • Availability of kit inventory: Extra kits for sale will depend upon how many kits are remaining after New Teams have been allocated their kits.
    • Team need: RECF will be prioritizing providing equipment to returning teams that have significantly broken drones from last season that cannot be repaired.  
    • Date of form submission  
  • Initially, teams will be limited to 1 additional AVR Drone kit for the season, but additional kits may be available for purchase after September 1st if there are remaining kits available.
  • At this time, only registered and paid 2023 Bell AVR Competition returning teams are eligible to purchase an AVR Drone Kit from the REC Foundation.
  • The Additional AVR Drone Kit Order Request form should only be completed by a contact associated with a team in
  • Each AVR Drone Kit will be $1,500 and the kit does NOT include the secondary vehicles (Tello drone or Sphero vehicles).  If your team would like additional secondary vehicle equipment, that will be considered on a case-by-case basis for an additional cost.
  • Kits will be shipped after the team registration closes to ensure new team orders are fulfilled.  This could be as late as August or September depending on current inventory. 
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