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Can we purchase additional AVR Drone Kits?

Teams that have registered and paid for the current season that would like to purchase additional AVR Drone kits can submit a request using the form link below.  

Additional AVR Drone Kit Order Request Form

  • Quantities are limited and orders will be fulfilled based on a few factors including:
    • Availability of kit inventory: Extra kits for sale will depend upon how many kits are remaining after New Teams have been allocated their kits.
    • Team need: RECF will be prioritizing providing equipment to returning teams that have significantly broken drones from last season that cannot be repaired.  
    • Date of form submission  
  • Initially, teams will be limited to 1 additional AVR Drone kit for the season, but additional kits may be available for purchase after September 1st if there are remaining kits available.
  • At this time, only registered and paid 2023 Bell AVR Competition returning teams are eligible to purchase an AVR Drone Kit from the REC Foundation.
  • The Additional AVR Drone Kit Order Request form should only be completed by a contact associated with a team in
  • Each AVR Drone Kit will be $1,500.
  • Kits will be shipped after the team registration closes to ensure new team orders are fulfilled.  This could be as late as August or September depending on current inventory. 
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